Letters from Fallujah

Last week,  I  mentioned an email from Fallujah written by Lt. Col. David Bellon, which seemed to indicate that the city of terrorists was about to end its 8 month downward spiral by going out in a blaze of gunfire.

Today I discovered 2Slick’s Forum, where he posted a Letter from Fallujah, dated 11/27/04, written by a fellow West Pointer named Mike, serving in Task Force 2-7 CAV.

Mike’s letter is the perfect antidote for the long surfeit of real news about Fallujah from the MSM news outlets. Mike’s day-by-day account of the clearing of insurgents from that city make fascinating reading.

I have recently been criticised by apologists for terrorists because I categorized terrorists as vermin. They need to read Mike’s email, but they probably won’t.

Another exerpt from Mike’s email gives a clearer view of our efforts to help Iraqis while exterminating the insurgents who had taken over the city. He wrote:

Now that it’s over, there is a lot of things that people back home should know. First of all, every citizen of Fallujah (non-insurgent) is getting $2,500 USD (that’s a lot over here) to fix up their house or buy new things that may have been destroyed in the fighting. Insurgents took up positions in resident’s houses so we were forced to destroy a lot of buildings.

Mike’s email is long, but well worth reading if you want to get an eye-witness report on what he saw in Fallujah.

As I discover more reports, I will post links to them.

UPDATE: A U.S. military site with
maps, specific details and pictures of  mosques used to store and
manufacture weapons. This site is a treasure for those who want
detailed information. Here is an excerpt:


UPDATE: Another indication that some inhabitants of Fallujah were happy to have the U.S. and Coalition troops liberate their city. It is truly amazing that this escaped the all-seeing eyes of MSM journalists. They were probably too busy viewing feeds from Al Jazeera to notice what was happening around them.

UPDATE: Another email from Lt. Col. David Bellon. Same time period as Mike’s email, different perspective, complete with pictures.

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