Hunkering Down

This is the time of year when the weather seems to dampen our enthusiasm. This morning started with many hours of fog punctuated by a fine drizzle of rain. The temperature is in the low fifties and the weather shows no sign of clearing up anytime soon.

Buffy sallied forth earlier to inspect the yard and check for interlopers. The drizzle was enough to dampen her spirits, but not heavy enough to drive her inside. So, she hunkered down as you see her here, with eyes closed and ears open, patiently waiting for something to occur.

I was tempted to do the same, perhaps losing myself on the internet until the weather changed for the better. On the other hand, remains of many incomplete projects lie scattered about my desk, on the floor of the office, and on every surface in my workshop. These prompt me to get moving and do something effective and quickly before I disappear from sight under the rubble.

Instead of long thoughts about breaking out of the rut I’m in, I need to take immediate steps to dekludge my workspaces. As many times as I have done this and written about it, I still get caught up in the excitement of starting new projects before all parts of the old projects are neatly cataloged and put away. Someday I will figure out how to finish a project before starting the next. Today I need action, instead of introspection.

So, while Buffy is hunkering down on the deck in the wet, I will be doing my best to put order into my parts of the house. I will let you know how I make out.

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