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Some lighthearted news for your Sunday morning entertainment

Okay… You’re Russian and you got this Canadian Marijuana Plantation… and you got 13 bears… and they are, check it out, guarding it and then this Vietnamese pig…. Warning!  Drink alert. Reposted from Gerard Vanderleun’s American Digest via

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Bush mountain bikes with Wounded Warriors

Re-posted from The Right Scoop on Apr 26, 2011 in Politics George W. Bush is going on a 12 mile mountain bike in Texas with soldiers who were wounded in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan to help raise awareness for … Continue reading

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On a lighter note…

Happy Mother’s Day card inspired by the lolcat universe. Hope you are all celebrating Mother’s Day with someone!

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Unmoderated comment section available nearby

Those of you who have read this blog for any length of time have probably noticed a shortage of uncivil comments.  That’s because this blog frowns on ad hominum remarks, unless made by this blogger, of course. The main focus … Continue reading

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