Marla Olmstead’s art


Her work evokes an emotional response in almost everyone who views it.  When I first saw one of her paintings it stopped me cold. It was breathtaking.

Thousands of people have been viewing Marla’s paintings at Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts, one of Central New York’s premier galleries. Her paintings have a depth and power that has been compared to Kandinsky and Pollock.

I wish I could afford to buy one of her paintings, but they already command thousands of dollars, even though she has been painting for only three years. To get a better perspective on what she is capable of you should know that this picture measures 60"x60" and is much taller than the artist.

She works on these paintings for hours and may take several sessions to execute one. Except for this tremendous creative ability, Marla is very much a normal four year old girl.

Her parents seem to quite protective of her. I hope she is able to continue her development as an artist. She is a treasure as well as a phenomenon.

See more of her work here and read articles about her here and here.

UPDATE: See Marla’s new gallery with many more wonderful paintings.

Thanks to Gary Cruse for the original link.

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  1. Carrie says:

    Those are very powerful paintings. I’m definitely going to check that out.