My SRT Counseling Sessions Have Resumed


After canceling the last workshop for a heart operation, I thought it might be time for an update on the status of SRT Counseling availability. The doctors put in a stent and cleared an arterial blockage, gave me a day to recover and sent me home the next day. I was able to contact my clients without delay and have resumed counseling sessions on a slightly reduced schedule.

My spiritual companions have been quite helpful in assisting my recovery, as I cannot recall any earlier operation, and there have been three, allowing me to return to work this quickly. Continuous communication with my spiritual companions has boosted my abilities to detect and handle counter-intention which is the main reason for diminishing life force as we age.

Counseling others has continued to strengthen my intention and ability to help spirits in and out of bodies. It gives me more certainty of purpose than using SRT for myself alone. I strongly suggest that anyone using SRT regularly find someone to team up with so you get experience working with other people’s spiritual companions.

This is not a complicated ritual. One of my clients described SRT co-processing as being much like early Book One Dianetics auditing where people would simply run out incidents on each other. In SRT, we are running out painful incidents that spiritual beings are afflicted with.

Once you are in good communication with your helpful spirits, you are aware of their condition and their concerns and you continually act in a manner that keeps them cheerful and aligned with your interests. You keep spiritual distractions at bay and handle any upsets as soon as they appear.

As a final note, if you are planning any medical procedures, I suggest you work with your spirits to make sure you have their support in what you are planning. When your spirits are working with you, everything seems to require less effort and recoveries are faster.

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