Outdoor blogging at last

deckblogging-webMany years ago, I had a mental image picture of myself sitting on a second story balcony overlooking the sea and working contentedly at a computer.

This dream was definitely a view of a long distant future, because at that time I was donating my time to a non-profit service organization and any compensation barely covered my rent. Although there was a vast gap between my resources of that moment and my image of the future, I was certain that I would make that dream come true.

Time went by and I moved on to occupations that rewarded me financially as well as spiritually. I married Gretchen and we spent a few years in Silicon Valley. I now had several computers and high speed internet, but no balcony. The image was still there, just waiting to be fulfilled.

When we first saw this house two years ago, I saw that it had a high deck overlooking a stream and knew we had to buy it. I could actually picture myself surfing the internet from the deck while enjoying the sounds of the forest and the soft touch of the prevailing breeze. The image was so strong that I even got an impression where I would sit and how it would all be. The image was complete, even though the view encompassed a leafy forest instead of salt water.

Within the first month, I managed to get a contractor to install a weatherproof LAN connector so I could indulge myself and enjoy this absolute geek fantasy. Somehow, once everything was ready, I was involved in so many other activities that I have only used a computer on this aerie twice in the past two years.

The last time was during a visit from Fred of Fragments fame and I captured that moment for posterity.

On this balmy afternoon, I decided to celebrate life anew and put aside my work for awhile so I could share the magic of sitting peacefully in a place of natural beauty and throwing my thoughts out onto a net of unimaginable sensitivity and speed.

No matter what the thoughts are, inspiring or banal, this network detects their arrival and sends word in all directions that another ripple has occured. Friends can pick my thoughts off the line as they choose and respond in kind. Even if no one is there to observe, the ideas are captured and cached so that some future observer can dredge them up and weigh them at leisure.

This truly is magic and those who have created it deserve our undying gratitude. It is the next best thing to telepathy and at the present time, much more certain.

I know there are those who might say that this net has creatures worse than spiders lurking on it, and that they might attempt to track thoughts back to their source and wreak havoc. Well, communication always carries that risk, and honest communication has a power of its own. Ideas with merit are picked up and passed along, no matter who tries to stop them.

I am proud to be a part of this particular moment of history and wish to continue contributing to the body of common sense that is accumulating from the effort of many talented bloggers.

The deer are gathering for an early evening snack and I hear the sounds of clinking in the kitchen. I think it is time for me to shut down workshop and office for the day. Tomorrow promises to be another day of great weather and possible opportunity.

If it isn’t, let us make it so anyway.

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