Bill Whittle – essay on STRENGTH

Bill Whittle is a thoughtful and serious writer who is able to deal with very painful issues in an insightful and pragmatic fashion. He has written a series of essays which will soon appear in book form; Silent America – Essays from a democracy at war.

If you are wondering why America should help the people of Iraq save themselves from the depredations of a 12th century religious cult, you should take the time to read the following essays: STRENGTH (part 1) and STRENGTH (part 2).

One more thing. What do you think it will take to achieve the following:

A functioning, modern Iraq, where people can live their lives free of fear and oppression, where they can worship as they themselves see fit without imposing their beliefs on a neighbor or having them imposed on oneself, where they can perform the simple miracles of going to work each day, earning a living and coming home to a night of television with the family without knowing terror every second of every day.

Thanks to Linda for the link.

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