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One of the benefits of semi-retirement is that I get occasional moments when I can stop and take a look at the roses instead of careening by. On the other hand, one of the downsides of working for yourself, as I do, is that you are doing things you love and don’t want to take time off.

It seems that I am either going full-tilt from early in the morning until well past midnight, or I am temporarily becalmed. I am in the midst of a busy spurt at the moment, so my blogging is somewhat sporadic. I have been thinking of you all in the past few days, because I see that other bloggers are going through much the same kind of frenzy. It must be that time of year. There is a remedy for these hectic days of our lives.

What kept coming up recently were the shining moments that carried me through the busiest and some of the worst times of my life. These moments usually involved having a coffee or a quiet lunch with a friend.

In the midst of the worst crises, a cup of java at a sunlit table overlooking an ocean view would give me a whole new attitude on life. A pleasant vista will do almost as well. The important thing is to find an oasis of quiet in which to share a conversation with a trusted friend.

A quiet lunch can do the same, but too often a lunch would be spent abstractedly eating while each of us was miles away in thought, wrestling with some impending crisis.

If you would like to revive your flagging spirits, I have a suggestion for you. Take a break from the intensity of your work situation. Arrange to meet a friend at a table with a pleasant view, where there is a supply of lattes or cafe mochas. Do not talk about your problems, your boss, or your marital difficulties.

Discuss something pleasant and amusing, if possible. Something funny a loved one has shared with you, or a dream that you had, or some plans you have to broaden your horizons. You can even take the time to tell your friend how much you appreciate them. It will make more difference than you could ever imagine.

The funny thing is that when I look back over years and years of triumphs, crises, and disasters, the incidents that stand out most are the times I took time to have coffee with a friend and we were in good communication.

Hope the same is true for you.

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