Another thought on Bloggers Helping Bloggers

I have been visiting many different blogs recently and I saw a recurring theme which seems to present another opportunity for bloggers to help bloggers.

I see a number of bloggers working through hard times in their lives, but still keeping up with their daily posts and offering messages of hope and encouragement to others.

Some of these indomitable individuals are battling life-threatening diseases like cancer, but they have not succumbed to the pity party that permeates so many journals. They are getting on with their lives and making the most of every day. I think these people need to be acknowledged for their spirit and encouraged to continue creating.

The last thing these people need is pity or sympathy. They need our friendship and encouragement. They do not whine, although they may curse quietly at times. They spend their time working to hold things together and put something there for the future. I think there is much we can do as fellow writers and bloggers to let them know that we care about them and and are willing to be there for them in their time of difficulty.

We bloggers have the potential to develop a greater sense of community on several different levels. A community needs to look after its members and work to ensure their survival as well as it looks to ward off external threats to its survival. By our mutual action, we are creating a body of useful information that increases in value every day.

Every one of us adds value to our common creation. In this far-flung community, we share ideas, act cooperatively, develop reputations and even impose sanctions on those who disrupt our communication. We need to continue building relationships within this community.

We rant passionately about political choices and international crises, but it may be more important in the long run to look out for the health and well-being of our blogging neighbors.

Visiting their blog and leaving encouraging comments will do a lot to lift the spirits of an ailing blogger.

I think there must be a tactful way to suggest that others drop in on a friend who is not doing well and cheer them up with a comment or two. Perhaps there might be a place for Bloggers helping Bloggers to list people who could benefit from friendly, upbeat visitors.

I have seen it done well by Denita and by Linda and others who I cannot at this moment identify. More of us could follow their example.

Does anyone else have suggestions on this?

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