Friends in Far Places – part 2

Blogging friendships are special relationships, unlike the relationships we form through work or daily social interaction.

In blogging relationships, there is both anonymity and intimacy at the same time. We exchange confidences with other like-minded people and we are not constrained by the normal barriers of gender, age or distance.

In fact, we can form strong bonds with people who may have little in common except our mutual interest and possible agreement on a narrow range of topics.

This important fact may be lost on those who observe the blogging phenomena from afar. The evolution of blogging has created a means for open communication between people who would otherwise never have met and who may even have diametrically opposite views of how things should be (As in politics and world affairs).

Open communication is the nearest thing to a universal solvent there is. A mutual exchange of viewpoints, free of falsehoods and name-calling, is the only thing that can lead to greater understanding. In an increasingly complex and confusing world, anything that can promote understanding is highly desirable.

These are some of the people who have helped me to better understand the world we live in. We do not all share the same political views, but we share enough life experiences to communicate and appreciate each other.

The fact that Marie, at Blue Ridge Blog calls herself a hillbilly photographer is typical of the understated humor one finds in a blog. It’s comparable to calling a diamond a piece of compressed coal. Her photos capture the beauty of rural North Carolina and display them for us daily along with a healthy dollop of common sense.

Joanie, otherwise known as Da Goddess, lives near San Diego, has a big heart and a wicked sense of humor. She looks at life unflinchingly, sometimes sarcastically, but there is no doubt that she cares deeply about others. I never fail to get a smile when reading her weblog.

Denny of the Book of Life is a retired military officer transformed into an active observer of the human condition. Living near the Intracoastal Waterway in Florida, he shares his philosophy and photos of the best of the Florida lifestyle with us. He has a keen interest in improving how people relate to each other.

Linda of Civilization Calls is a passionate and articulate commentator on important issues of all kinds. She lives in Colorado and provides unblinking and insightful discussions on matters local, national and international. Her posts are always thought-provoking.

Fred First is my blogfather. His Fragments From Floyd inspired me to take up blogging late last year and his advice was invaluable in helping me to launch this weblog. His daily fare of beautiful photographs and tales of the goings-on in Floyd County, Virginia are a constant treat.

Rhesa of Creative Slips is an English major at San Francisco State and writes creatively on a variety of subjects. She provides interesting vignettes of college and family life, interspersed with her views of national and international issues. Worth visiting, especially if you are long departed from the university scene.

There are many more blogs I still want to cover, so I will be back next week with more Friends in Far Places.

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