Skateboarding Bulldog

You know what happens when it’s early in the morning and you aren’t ready to write yet? You start browsing through your friends blogs and you find treasures like this!
It’s the Skateboarding Bulldog! I have played this clip several times and it is a charmer. Show it to your dog and see what he thinks.

I wish we had one like him in our neighborhood. Thanks to Incoherent Babbling for brightening up my morning. And to author Jim who created it.

UPDATE: The bulldog is named Tyson and you can see more about him on his website. He is a beauty. Look at his stance. By the way, he steers the skateboard and pushes with one foot to pick up speed. His stylish moves in the video show that this is not his first lifetime as a skateboarder.

Welcome back dude! How does it feel to have four feet on the board, instead of two?

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