It’s time to travel again

It’s time to cast aside our winter garments of repentance and travel the world again with a free heart and and a hopeful mind. Hopeful is the operative word here, because travel has the tendency to put us into places that are more colorful than comfortable. I have been thinking of past trips lately and images of colorful spots in far places keep coming to mind.

I will post a few pictures of my own in the next few days, but I fell upon a wonderful collection of travel pictures this morning at Etherfarm, a multi-part blog originating in Santa Cruz, California.

There are sections with photos, a a blog , recipes, and the equipment he uses. These pictures are from his Phillipines gallery.

This is my kind of sign, at a railroad crossing in the Phillipines.

His dry humor and interesting writing make this site a great place to visit.

Those of you who are into extreme travel might want to check out the following tour provider for unmistakably authentic local color.


Bon voyage!

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