Bob Zangas – a man to remember

A few weeks ago I discovered Bob Zangas’ weblog and marveled at his capacity to enjoy life.

Bob Zangas explained how he came to be back in Iraq as “Bob”, a civilian, and not as Lt. Colonel Zangas. He was working in a civilian capacity for the Coalition Provisional Authority. His friendly assessment of the people he met and his photographs gave me the feeling of being there on the scene.

Bob had a realistic view of the problems faced in helping Iraq, but he remained optimistic about the future. His weblog conveyed the impression of a good and dedicated man who represented the best of what America has to offer.

I was saddened to find out recently that he had been killed in an ambush south of Baghdad. I revisited his weblog and paid my respects along with the many that have been posted there.

Go read all of the posts in his weblog. They will give you a view of Iraq you have not seen before. When you are done, you might feel like I did and want to pay your respects to a young man who was willing to make a difference.

Thanks to Citizen Smash for the lead.

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