HTML is not my native language…

I am rudely reminded of this whenever I attempt to make serious changes to a webpage. I have been using HTML since it first appeared, but I would use it for a few weeks and then many months would go by before I would use it again. So, I would have to learn it again and again and…

I have taken HTML courses over the years and have marveled at the increasing complexity and power of the language, while I was learning just enough to get my site to the next level of refinement. For me, that meant keeping the site easy to use and informative while I figured out how to make it look attractive to visitors.

Last year, I attempted to help a friend sort out some problems in a site and met my match immediately. The site design was elaborate and imaginative. It was also undocumented and had corrupted files. Unfortunately, it was built using Shockwave, PHP and Javascript. The parts that worked put on a great little show, if you had a DSL connection. Needless to say, I wasn’t much help.

I am wonderfully spoiled by the services available at TypePad. One can create great looking weblogs with the barest knowledge of HTML. I should find out if there are comparable services for non-weblog sites. I am sure there are, but the templates I’ve seen look so uninteresting that I gave up looking and have continued to do it myself.

Which leads me to the closing point of this post. I have finally gotten around to putting my latest products up on my Box-Carts website. If you have wondered what I do in my woodshop when I’m not blogging, you now can find out. You can also give me feedback on how well the site works for you.

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