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Wayne Hurlburt at Blog Business World has opened the door to another evolution of your weblog – the ultimate power tool.

His post on Bloggers Helping Bloggers envisions the development of a support net for our blogging colleagues in their quest for gainful employment.

He makes this point:

Since a blogger’s writing and analytical abilities are displayed on a daily basis, we have a solid idea of that person’s talents. We know how well they write. We have a sense of their strengths and weaknesses as people. We know they are likely to be an asset to any organization that they join.

Wayne credits Jay Solo for the original idea, but he has taken the idea and run with it. I really think he is on to something. Helping another blogger find employment extends our personal networks and provides interesting copy with all kinds of human interest angles.

We all win when one of our friends finds employment. Extending ourselves to reach out and help others keeps us alive and gives us another worthwhile purpose. Perhaps we need to form an informal webring alliance. (Click on the logo to see more information about the details of this proposed alliance.)

The idea would be to provide periodic links and updates on those who are looking for personal employment. It would also identify those who would be willing to be a resource for those seeking help in finding work. I see this as an activity with as little organization as possible. The only exchange would be the satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference.

Does this sound like a worthwhile plan? Please give me your thoughts on this.

UPDATE: Wayne has written more about the help that bloggers can provide to each other.

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  1. John says:

    It sounds like an excellent idea to me. Those who have more time to blog are typically not buried in a pile of work. And who knows, maybe added employment would keep underemployed people from blogging too much or too indescriminately ( myself included).
    BTW I truly enjoyed the deft way you’ve addressed the positioning issue in Jennifer’s blog…

  2. Hi David.

    It appears that you have taken my idea and expanded it even further. The surface has barely been scratched on the potential power of the weblog.

    The ability to reach out to one another’s readerhip base multiplies our own outreach capabilities more than we know. A blogger’s true readership base includes every other blog that links to it. That base extends on outward, like concentric rings in a pond, where a stone has landed.

    Your webring concept has real merit for bloggers helping bloggers. I would suggest a possible name change from “webring” to something more modern.

    As always, David, you have some powerful ideas.

  3. David says:


    We won’t call it a webring then. Suppose we call it an “Alliance”, because league and company are dated too. Pity we can’t call it a “horde”…yet. 🙂

    You must have been reading Jennifer Rice’s blog. She has been hosting a discussion on positioning.

    Come up with a name for the webring that appeals to you. You can host it and run it. All I did was reserve the name and set up the ring for occupancy.

    My final word: A camel by any other name will still cross deserts on little water. As long as this alliance works like a webring, you can call it anything you like.

  4. John says:

    This alliance or whatever sounds like a support group. I think this suggests a bulletin board type concept; maybe a wiki or bliki would be a good medium?

  5. The name of the support group, as they say “TBA” (To Be Announced for those keeping score at home) is less important than the thoughts and spirit of helping and togetherness behind it.

  6. David says:

    I’m inclined to keep this minimal at first. It could be completely informal with bloggers posting worthy causes and individuals on their own blogs.

    To get to the next level, I suggested the webring concept because it gives each participating blogger a button on their sidebar which leads to a site that explains the purposes, expectations and rules for participating in this effort. I did not intend the main page to become a for out-of-work bloggers. There are many sites to post resumes already.

    I figured we can put up a weekly post of the people we know who are looking for work and throw in a few comments to make the post interesting. The people looking for work should have a post with a permalink that tells all about their search for work and what they can do.

    Our posts would be confined to links and comments and whatever else we wanted to add. Think of this as a distributed “Carnival of Underemployed Bloggers.” The webring is a way to provide additional information and invite participation.

    If someone wants to host and manage a wiki or bliki, I say go for it! Parallel efforts should produce results faster. If you go to a wiki arrangement, do you want to include support for people like consultants, writers and web designers who are always looking for work?

    The bottom line is that a blogger will continue to participate if there is an appropriate exchange. This can include any of the following: more web traffic, prospects for service, money, or potential employment.

    If there is no exchange except a feeling of satisfaction, participation will be sporadic and short-lived.

    I suggest we scale this up gradually and see how well it works at each level before going on to more elaborate arrangements.

  7. J says:

    Just stopping by to say hi! And “Bloggers Helping Bloggers” is an excellent idea.. and long overdue. I think you’d make an excellent host. Give me a holler if yo so do!

  8. You are right. Keep it simple. We can make a post maybe once a week, including names and skills of underemployed bloggers. There is no point in trying to start out in an elaborate fashion. It’s better to go slowly and build from there.

  9. David Eddy says:

    I was quite jazzed to see the “Bloggers helping Bloggers” post because I’d just posted up my beta site shareware for any bloggers to use for free. I’ve been through all of the experiences described in the “going down..” post – it was painful to read. Starting developing the software a year ago when I could see the writing on the wall where I worked – I needed something that would structure my typically lazy-assed ways. Now I figure – if any bloggers can use the stuff, take it with my blessings. Just head to or contact me at and I’ll set you up. Enjoy!

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