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Wayne Hurlburt at Blog Business World has opened the door to another evolution of your weblog – the ultimate power tool.

His post on Bloggers Helping Bloggers envisions the development of a support net for our blogging colleagues in their quest for gainful employment.

He makes this point:

Since a blogger’s writing and analytical abilities are displayed on a daily basis, we have a solid idea of that person’s talents. We know how well they write. We have a sense of their strengths and weaknesses as people. We know they are likely to be an asset to any organization that they join.

Wayne credits Jay Solo for the original idea, but he has taken the idea and run with it. I really think he is on to something. Helping another blogger find employment extends our personal networks and provides interesting copy with all kinds of human interest angles.

We all win when one of our friends finds employment. Extending ourselves to reach out and help others keeps us alive and gives us another worthwhile purpose. Perhaps we need to form an informal webring alliance. (Click on the logo to see more information about the details of this proposed alliance.)

The idea would be to provide periodic links and updates on those who are looking for personal employment. It would also identify those who would be willing to be a resource for those seeking help in finding work. I see this as an activity with as little organization as possible. The only exchange would be the satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference.

Does this sound like a worthwhile plan? Please give me your thoughts on this.

UPDATE: Wayne has written more about the help that bloggers can provide to each other.

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