Simplify your life

Tell the truth more often.
Then you won’t have to remember what you said to whom.

Tell the truth as kindly as possible.
Then you won’t have to say you are sorry so often.

Curb those impulses to lash out with righteous anger.
Then you won’t have to spend so much time mending relationships.

If it sounds too good to be true, find out what the exchange is.
Criminality is simply getting something for nothing. If you
are not one already, why become a criminal now?

If life is hard to face, don’t make it more complicated by running away from it with prescription or illegal drugs.
Find some part of life you can confront and do something about it.

If you can’t think of anything else, find an animal to feed.
They will probably not give you any grief about it and you will feel better.

Find somebody to help, starting with yourself.

If all else fails, take a walk until you feel calmer and rested.

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