The Best We’ve Got

This evoked a rush of pride when I read it. It is just one more reason that I get my news from reading weblogs instead of dead tree or video circus media.

Far from the crude babykiller of campus legend, the American soldier has proved that he is as humane as he is competent, as creative as he is valorous, and as optimistic as the best traditions of his – or her – country. Our troops have tracked down war criminals, turned the tables on ambushers, faced countless roadside bombs – and built schools, created jobs, picked up garbage and set an example that even those Iraqis anxious for us to leave will not forget.

Ralph Peter’s recent column in the New York Post is well worth reading. He is a retired Army officer and the author of “Beyond Baghdad”. I want to read his book and see what else he has to say.

Thanks to Powerline for the link.

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