Blogging through the storm

The temperature still remains below freezing and a fine rain has been building up beads of ice on everything in sight since early this morning. Click on image to enlarge

Storm5It is now late afternoon, and there has been no letup in the precipitation. Ice coats the cars and it will require a good deal of scraping before we can drive them.

I have put corn and seeds out for the critters, but the weather has turned sour again and they are all tucked away somewhere. When the squirrels are hiding, we know it’s time to stay inside. They are such voracious feeders, it takes a lot to discourage them.

It was so cold that I abandoned my workshop, leaving woodworking for another and warmer day. Fortunately, because of the internet, Gretchen was able to telecommute and stay in touch with her colleagues in warmer climes. Commuting today would have been an absolute nightmare. I am glad we no longer go through that.

I have taken advantage of this storm to stay inside and catch up on my blogging and email. With the heater turned up, my office is a cozy, if cluttered, place to work. I can look out my window and keep an eye on the deer feeders.


As you can see, I have company. One cat has taken the supervisory position on the desk, while the other insisted on hanging on me. I have learned to type with one hand, while holding a visiting cat in the other. All I need is a big, thumpy dog at my feet and life would be complete.

It is interesting how nature abhors a vacuum. When your children grow up and scatter to the winds, it seems you often pull in others to share your lives. Sometimes two-footed, but more often four-footed, these other family members contribute to the flavor of our lives.

We are all weathering this storm together here in Palmyra, Virginia. We hope you are doing well, wherever you are.

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