Holiday book reports

I had a few extra hours free over the holidays and indulged myself in reading everything I could get my hands on. Here are two of the books I read this week:

Timeline by Michael Chrichton.
This proved to be a interesting extrapolation of the use of quantum technology. In this fascinating adventure, a secretive multinational corporation makes some fatal mistakes while using quantum technology to explore medieval France. This non-stop rollercoaster of a novel has now been made into a movie. Michael Chrichton’s attention to technical detail makes this story disturbingly real.

No Way to Treat a First Lady by Christopher Buckley.
This hilarious satire, which could have been subtitled, “High Jinks in the White House” has a wonderful cast of characters who you may recognize. It is an over-the-top account of the ambitious First Lady of the United States being put on trial for the death of her philandering husband and the only man who can save her is the boyfriend she jilted in law school. Alternately touching and hilarious by turns, this was an unexpectedly good read.

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