Year-End Chores

I have made some minor changes to this weblog so that it might be more useful to visitors.

I have added three new categories; Books, Working For Others, and Weblog as Power Tool. I have also rearranged posts in all categories so they may be more easily referenced.

Finally, I have added a disclaimer to my Mission Statement section as part of my weblog branding activity. Visitors to this site should now have a better idea of what to expect if they choose to use any of this information in their daily lives.

I could have written the disclaimer as, “For Entertainment Only” or “Professional Drivers on a Closed Course – Do Not Try This At Home,” but most of the data is for use. If it is also entertaining, that’s a plus.

It will produce results when applied as suggested. Just be sure you can handle the changes that may occur.

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0 Responses to Year-End Chores

  1. oldcatman says:

    CHANGE: If I can’t change, I can’t survive. It matters little where it is [blogging, food, life…) I have to be able to change—I almost enjoy encountering “unplanned”

  2. David says:

    Then you might enjoy my next post.

    I am working on an offbeat assessmant of paradigm shifts.

  3. Beth says:

    I read your posts both for enjoyment and as part of my “life-long learning” program. Thanks to you and Gretchen for your welcome back greetings.

  4. Love the set up. It got me to read most of it because of your categories–you truly are calming for the soul. gale/gurl

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