Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites

Tucker Carlson, who co-hosts CNN’s Crossfire has written an enlightening and amusing book on his three years at CNN.

I have watched Crossfire only rarely, but I happened to hear Tucker speak about his experiences at a televised book conference in Miami, Florida last week.

He described, with dry wit and obvious fondness, the colorful characters he interviewed and worked with in the most powerful and weirdest medium there is. I was entranced by his insight and intelligence and immediately ordered his new book, Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites

This book was one of the most entertaining reads I have had in a long time. His intimate portraits of Al Sharpton, John McCain, James Carville, Ralph Nader, Jesse Jackson, and many others are not to be missed.

Tucker has seen television from the inside and describes it without rancor and without pulling any punches. Both in his speech and in the book, he mentioned expecting to be fired at anytime because of his enthusiasm for airing his views.

I hope it doesn’t happen soon, because we need more TV personalities with his sense of humor. To get the flavor of Tucker’s humor, see his interview by Kevin Holtsberry in August of this year.

He has written a great book. Read it.


For two extremely different reviews of this book read this and this.

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