A Day to Rejoice

saddam.jpe Earlier this morning, as I was digging out from the latest snowstorm, Gretchen called out the door to tell me Saddam Hussein had been captured.

I watched the news on CNN and MSNBC and managed to hang in there through the interminable telling and retelling of the few real details of the event. Other than the small hidey-hole Saddam had cowered in and the pictures of his hideaway, there was little else of great interest. He had not put up any resistance, in spite of his exhortations to others to lay down their lives.

Saddam looked like the usual fugitive being captured; unkempt, disheveled and seemingly disoriented. He was quite passive while the army doctor checked him over, presumably for lice.

It was a relief when President Bush spoke and said all that had to be said in a few brief minutes. That’s when I went to see if there was any real news available. I found these links to be more informative than the TV news: Instapundit, Iraq at a Glance, and Buzzmachine which has many more links to other blogs.

It is a great day, indeed. Let us hope that this accellerates the rebuilding and healing of Iraq.

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