Warm-Chair Attrition

Something seems to be happening out among the cubicles where employees wait restlessly for the end of the day. There is now a name for this phenomenon.

warm-chair attrition

(warm-chair uh.TRISH.un) n. The loss of workplace productivity due to employees who dislike their jobs and are just waiting for the right time to quit and move on to something better.

With the free exchange of information that weblogs and the internet provide, a group realization could occur with profound effects upon work as we know it. I think we will see more and more people attempting to strike out on their own. If they pool information and resources they will have a better chance of actually realizing their dreams.

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  1. Galstaff says:

    You’re absolutely right. In fact, the free exchange of information via the internet has cause many revolutions for the better. Most notably Linux, Open Source, and GPL software. I’d love to see what kind of changes would be effected if that sense of community was applied to other aspects of life and business.

  2. This is about warm chair attrition. I’m personally acquainted with five or six people in high tech who are just waiting for things to improve a little bit… then they’re gone! One thing is clear: high tech here in California has been shedding jobs, while explicitly promising that the work won’t be piled onto those remaining. Instead, projects, even whole departments, would be shut down. Of course, that hasn’t happened at all. Some of my friends are working harder than ever, and hating it. And one or two are just coasting, waiting for the right opening to come along.

  3. Ahh, one of the reasons for declining brands (or is a declining/non-existent brand the reason for WCA?). I doubt there’s much WCA at great brands like Apple, Starbuck’s, etc. How can customers get jazzed about a brand if the employees can’t wait to get out of there?

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