Whatever it takes…

Omnivorous bloggers like galstaff, often uncover nuggets of seemingly Far Side information.

It appears that a number of Chinese women are undergoing extreme surgery, “distraction osteogenesis,” to become taller and more beautiful. These efforts are based on a perception that being taller, paler, and slender will make them more popular, successful and rich.

This is just the latest step in an age old tradition of people trying to level the playing field of life or at least get on the playing field.

When the perceptions were different, bodies were altered in different ways, regardless of the discomfort involved.

Today, both men and women go to incredible efforts to sculpt their bodies and change the color of their skin and hair to more closely resemble celebrities. I am sure it must be partially successful, at least in attracting sexual partners, because people keep on doing it.

However, when you look closely at the men and women who wield real power, do you see substance or do you see a physically beautiful facade? I think you will find that these people radiate an enormous amount of personal power and their physical packaging is like stage makeup, just enough to let them deliver their message effectively.

What is really important is their courage and their determination to succeed in spite of all obstacles. Even if they are observably insane, they are powerful because of their intentions, not because of their physical perfection.

Those Chinese women, and anyone else who is tempted to drastically alter their body to conform to some false concept of “ideal beauty,” might achieve similar success in life by learning their full capabilities and exploiting these abilities to the greatest extent possible. At the very least, when you do this, you come out at the end being yourself.

Changing your face and body and not improving yourself, leaves you in the awkward position of masquerading as a success. You need to train and educate yourself to wear your new mask convincingly.

Why not concentrate on improving your skills and your ability to confront life. This will provide lifelong dividends, no matter what you look like.

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