Maybe next year….

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The deer come quietly in the chill morning sunlight and huddle together for warmth as they sample the daily spread at our backyard feeding station. Their dark grey-brown coats blend so well into the background of fallen leaves that it is hard to photograph them unless you catch them in full sunlight as I did here. The deer with their patches of white and the birds with their bright feathers are the only spots of color we see.

Two weeks ago, we were driving through hardwood forests in south central Virginia, and we saw the first beginnings of a riot of fall colors. The late afternoon sunlight lit up a few trees here and there with intense bursts of red and yellow foliage. We were eagerly anticipating a repeat of last year’s fall glory. Entire mountainsides had been ablaze in vivid autumn finery and it had lasted for many weeks. We had one day to marvel and I even wrote a post about it.

Then it seems like we turned our attention away momentarily, only a few days, to the business of making a living and our show of fall foliage was cancelled. It was a keener disappointment than the cancellation of any promising TV series. We felt cheated, and there was no one we can complain to, no one we can even fault.

We apparently had a few days of heavy rain and stiff winds which left us with bare trees and drifts of dark brown leaves everywhere. We look out upon winter woods now, grey and black and brown.

Maybe I need to get back to work and create a little color and light and activity myself. After all, I can either be the effect of things like weather or I can throw myself into creating things. Oh yes, that again, cause or effect. Guess I’d rather be cause.

More later.

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  1. Bigwig says:

    What did you put out for them? I almost bought a bag of “Buck oats” or some damn thing in Rock Hill last week, but decided against it at the last minute. Figured toddlers and possibly territorial bucks didn’t mix.

  2. David says:

    Deer love birdseed above all else. That’s how we first discovered we had deer. The feeder was being emptied every day and we saw no birds. Finally we spotted a doe cleaning out the bird feeder. She would just lick the seeds out of the little chutes.

    Once I discovered that deer liked whole corn also, I switched over to that. A 50 lb bag costs about $6 and lasts from three to six days with the traffic we have here. (about 20 deer a day)

    They also enjoy leftover fruit. We no longer throw away aging bananas, apples or grapes. They also eat raw vegetable scraps. We have put out potatoes and lettuce also. Not much of any fruit or vegetable, just a sprinkle on top of the corn.

    Bucks will almost never visit you during the day. Most of your traffic will be does. Suggest you tell the toddlers that the deer are for watching not touching. If they are startled, they may strike out with their hooves.

    One of our cats almost got brained because she was too curious.

  3. David says:

    One last comment. If you look at DeerChow04 in my deer pictures, you will see how we fed them last winter.

  4. wendy says:

    You are so lucky to be treated to this site …. I love deer, but, alas, do not live in an area visited by them. I am so envious … I think their faces are the most beautiful things on earth!

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