Blog Labelling?

An intriguing post by Citizen Smash and a comment by one of my recent visitors started me thinking, “Just what kind of blog is this?”

I’m not so sure I can stick a one word label on this blog, but I have realized I write about things that are important to me.

To help you position this blog in the vast pantheon of other blogs and as a possible aid to understanding, I have added a mission statement to my site.

To those who care more about content than labels, I say skip the mission statement and read all you want, or can stand. There is more where that came from.

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  1. Emily says:

    Hi there,
    my name is Emily and I have a 10 month old son Conner. We have been listening to the news a lot lately about all of the child toy recalls. It seems every toy in our home has been recalled due to lead in the plastics. I have been searching around roanoke and surrounding areas to find local stores that carry all natural toys. I thought Floyd might be a good place to look and wonder…are there any places in Floyd to buy all natural toys?? Please emial me at
    TITLE: The “NEWS” would have been better off if I’d stayed on hiatus….
    BLOG NAME: Who Tends the Fires
    DATE: 05/25/2004 04:54:59 PM
    The Word for the Day is: “Hollow Man” Well, yesterday, Chana had a litter of eight tiny little Blue Heeler puppies under the feed locker. I mean tiny – you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant until the last couple…

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