Notice how our lives are enriched when we have a view of distant objects? Even in a city setting, a view of distant towers and waterways will cheer the apartment dweller in his little cube of rented real estate. In sunny California, having once endured a view composed entirely of nearby walls and air conditioners, I resolved never to find myself in such cramped surroundings again. It is as though we expand to fill the space allotted to us. I feel spiritually free when I can look out from where I am working and see open spaces and living things. When I visited Floyd recently, I saw a scene which ranks with the famous Motif #1 in Rockport.
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The colors are as rich and lush as any painting. The rusted barn roof looks like dull copper and your eye longs to see what lies at the end of the meadow behind the grove of trees. This is a treasure and the family that owns this masterpiece is to be envied indeed. If only views like this could be bottled and sold in stores, the rest of the world would be a happier place indeed.

Thanks to Fred and Ann for sharing this bit of Virginia with us.

When we moved from California to south central Virginia, we found a house with a high deck looking out over a thickly wooded creek bed. It took us less than 30 minutes to decide that this was our new home. Even if we don’t have time to sit on that deck for weeks at a time, we know that the vista is there and it sustains us. Have you had similar experiences?

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  1. Linda says:

    For me, that experience came when I moved to Colorado. I’d lived in Idaho for a few years, following college.

    The year I left Idaho, I put two pins in a map. One pin was in Colorado, and I left it in the “hands of the Universe”. Within a few months, I had a job offer in Denver.

    When I came up over the Continental Divide, and looked toward the mountains of my new home, I felt lighter. My eyes filled with tears, but I could suddenly breathe easier. I’d come home.

    It was the right decision. Nine years later, I have a husband who is my best firend and companion, and a beautiful child.

    Life is risk, change, and new vistas. But you already know that. Thanks again for the reminder.

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