Another Lifetime Hobby of the Month

It’s time, Fred told me, to begin writing a blog. And so it is. Enough of commenting endlessly on other fine blogs. It’s time to start some ripples of my own.

Of course, all I need is another lifetime hobby of the moment, but there is the desire to perserve for posterity some of the things I have discovered without involving a horde of third parties, as is the case when publishing a book. I have already considered that blogging may be the equivalent of writing in the sandy margin of the sea, but I feel the lifespan of many books is not as long as the life of an active weblog. It’s the readership that matters. If an idea takes root in someone elses mind and gets passed on, that’s reward enough.

Being thrust into retirement by a Silicon Valley RIF (reduction in force) was a welcome end to an increasingly unreal existence as the project manager from Hell. Designing computers was fun for many years, building startups was exciting for many more. However like rodeo riding, there is a time when it seems like time to let someone else have some of the fun. Unfortunately, I found that the more distant I became from actually doing design, the less personal satisfaction I experienced.

After 47 years of high-tech activity, I am happily engaged in designing custom wood products and occasionally doing some business consulting. I have a large backlog of incomplete projects including an unfinished novel and many thousands of digital images to work on, but I will let them sit for awhile. Maybe we will have a hard winter and I might need something to do when we are snowed in. Meanwhile, I will blog on and hopefully you will find it interesting enough to return.

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