Lilia Momotova – Impressions of Pskov – at WVTF Roanoke

Evening shadows4 exhibit web The works of Russian pastellist Lilia Momotova will be on exhibit at WVTF in Roanoke from Nov 2 -Nov 30. Her pastels enable the viewer to experience the bleak beauty of life in a society beset with continuing hardships and economic difficulties.

Her impressionistic paintings convey feelings of wistful sadness but offset this underlying mood with bright splashes of color. Her drawings seem to hold out a hope for a brighter future and leave one with a lingering sense that things may work out for the better.
Lilia and work web
Lilia lives and works in the ancient city of Pskov, Russia near St Petersburg. She has been teaching in the College of Arts for many years and has a local following, but this is the first exhibition of her work outside of Russia.

This collection captures the familiar scenes of Lilia's neighborhood in Pskov through views from her third floor apartment and while walking through the streets of this twelve hundred year old city.

A single mother who speaks no English, has no phone and lives with her son in a one room apartment, she creates art with passion in spite of the fact that she works with limited resources. With the current state of the Russian economy, Lilia is struggling to make ends meet because few people in Russia can afford to purchase art.

Lilia's work inspired Rima Forrest Sulzen of Floyd, VA, to sponsor exhibits for Lilia in the United States with the goal of generating income for Lilia so she can afford the time and supplies to create more work.

Rima Forrest-Sulzen web

Rima Forrest Sulzen lived in Pskov for four months on an academic exchange and decided that she would make it her mission to spread the word about Lilia's remarkable talent and help her through exhibits and sales of originals and prints. All proceeds after expenses go directly to the artist.

UPDATE: I learned that "Evening Shadows" has already been purchased. (That is the painting shown at the top of the page.)

A full gallery of images will be posted shortly. Yes, I know it's been over a week, but I will get to it.

For additional information about Lilia and her art contact: Rima Forrest Sulzen, Box 783, Floyd, Virginia 24091, 540-250-8559,

For prints, framed and unframed, contact: Floyd Custom Framing, 293 Silverleaf Lane, Floyd, VA 24091, 540-808-2030,

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