Time for another reality check

Overloaded-car It seems like our political class is comfortably divorced from reality. Congress voted itself another raise this year, increased their expense budgets and are working hard to pull off a trifecta of bills that will raise taxes and energy costs while the economy crumbles around us.

Government is preoccupied with saving the world from computer model "disasters" like "poisonous" CO2 and Anthropogenic Global Warming, while ignoring the rising tide of real disasters like massive unemployment, a real recession, and an indecisively managed war in Afghanistan.

Taxpayer resistance is growing, but will not significantly reverse the process until the 2010 elections.

If there is to be an economic resurgence, it will probably start at the grassroots level with local actions attuned to local needs and resources.

I do not see that government bail outs have helped GM or Chrysler and do not expect that the balance of the Stimulus money will produce significant results either, as most of the money will be funnelled to patronage jobs or to support union activity.

Certainly some money will trickle down to worthwhile projects, but the percentage of taxpayer money that arrives where it s needed is a small fraction what was borrowed and will eventually be collected from the taxpayers in future generations.

There is a question that should be asked about any government project: How many real jobs will this program create?

Failing to understand that Government and State jobs are a burden on the economy is a classic mistake. They are an OVERHEAD expense. When your company is not doing well, you cut overhead first.

No company I have ever known has improved their operating basis during a crisis by adding more levels of management, yet our current administration is adding Czars and new government organizations every day.

I don't see that as a winning strategy.

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