A Peaceful Reconciliation With a Deceased Spouse

74586-425x283-headstone1I recently participated in an emotionally moving Spiritual Rescue Technology session and enabled a friend of mine to communicate with his deceased wife and handle the upsets he had caused her during their many years of marriage.

She was so grateful for his efforts to clean up their past differences that she was able to discover what she had done on her part to create a relationship in which the differences could not be discussed. So much pent up grief from both sides was released during the session that my friend and I experienced tears of joy that did not end until the very end of the session.

My friend had been receiving Spiritual Rescue Technology sessions for some time and, as a result, he had handled all of the spiritual beings who had been instrumental in making him act in ways that he had come to regret. This meant that he was able to face the future with no risk of repeating the behavior that had made his wife’s life miserable when she was alive.

As a result of the SRT processing he had received from me, his responsibility level had risen to the point where he now wanted to take responsibility for what he had done to his deceased wife. He felt that if he could communicate with her, he and she could address the issues that had driven them apart for so many years.

In this SRT session, he and his deceased wife were able to speak openly of all of the issues that had come between them. Then we went on to handle a number of spiritual beings who were responsible for instilling certain values in her that were counter-survival.

His wife had been a bright, spiritually aware woman who had the potential to achieve success, but she had a spiritual being with her who was stuck in the beingness of a scullery maid and who was very propitiative toward men. The maid had an affair with the master of the estate and had been discarded when he got bored with her, so after that she was always careful not to rise above her station. This caused my friend’s wife to assume a propitiative attitude which prevented her from acting as his equal, even though he treated her as his equal.

The wife also had another entity who accidentally distracted her and caused her to sustain an injury that affected her for the rest of her life and eventually caused her to become an invalid. When this entity was handled and set free to create a new life, the wife realized that becoming an invalid caused her husband to give her his undivided attention for the last 10 years of her life and she had enjoyed that hold on him.

With this final discovery, the deceased wife and my friend recognized their underlying love for each other and the last of the grief left them.

At this point, I had the unusual experience of experiencing my friends deceased wife looking through my eyes at him and experiencing her fondness for him and her feeling of how proud she was of him.

Her final words indicated she was now free to move on and maybe they could be be in the same space again.

I have helped others talk to deceased family members, but had never helped two beings achieve this degree of closure before.

I will be doing this again.

David St Lawrence

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