Ready for a Personality Upgrade?

Your personality determines how you interact with others and this affects your relationships, your success in life, and your personal happiness.

If you communicate with the spirits who directly influence your behavior, you can see immediate changes in your personality with each Spiritual Rescue Technology session. This nontraditional approach to upgrading your personality is direct and the results are predictable.

There is certainly a wealth of material on traditional methods of upgrading your personality, and you can spend years reading what others have proposed, or you can try SRT processing and get results in hours.

If you Google “personality upgrades”, you will instantly discover thousands of books and articles on self improvement and innumerable websites like with helpful suggestions for mastering anxiety and living fearlessly.

There are other sites and books attempting to address the issues of personality through description of the spiritual hierarchies whom they call Archangels, or Fire Spirits, as in the works of Rudolph Steiner. Most of these sources postulate an ascending scale of Beings including the Spirits of Personality. I found the speculations fascinating, but nowhere did I find a clear process for making specific desirable changes to a personality.

The SRT approach to upgrading your personality is based on recognizing who or what is controlling your undesirable personality traits. It has long been known that spirits can affect you emotionally and thus control your response to daily interactions with your environment.

Recent research has shown that these spiritual beings are not just a random assembly of spirits and spirit guides, but a collection of spiritual beings accumulated over long periods of time due to incidents that you no longer remember and who influence your responses to others and to your environment. This influence can range from a mild liking or disliking of someone or something to a point where you are completely controlled by a violent emotional and physical reaction to a personal or environmental stimulation.

Your choice of food, clothing and friends is influenced by the spiritual companions in your vicinity. Your attitudes toward all aspects of life can be similarly influenced or controlled by spirits you are completely unaware of. These will be thoughts and actions that you are not able to change, and in most cases you may not be willing to change them.

Once you become aware that a particular thought or action is not under your control, you can take steps to identify who it is coming from and to handle the being who is causing that particular behavior. You are not trying to make the being wrong, only to find out what problem the being is trying to solve by its actions. You will invariably find that the being is trying to solve a problem that existed a long time ago and still causes them emotional upset which has never been satisfactorily resolved.

Once the presence of a being is detected, handling the incident that it is stuck in and still trying to solve will take a short time, usually less than an hour. Once the being is completely handled and is no longer compulsively influencing your behavior, you will find that that part of your personality has changed the the extent that it is no longer being affected by the actions of that being. If there are remaining behaviors and urges that are not wanted, you find the beings who are providing those behaviors and deal with them in the same way.

As you gain control of more aspects of your personality, your perception of who you are versus who else in influencing you is heightened until you begin to recognize instantly who is providing you with helpful advice and who is reacting negatively to the situations you face in life.

You have helpful beings, also known as spirit guides or spiritual partners, who cooperate with you and constantly provide helpful information and guidance. As long as you recognize them and acknowledge their help, you will find that your life stays under control.

It is the irrational things that you say or do that generally stem from the actions of upset beings who are trying to stave off some perceived danger. Recognizing these beings and being prepared to help them with SRT processing will markedly reduce the problems you create for yourself in life.

If you keep on recognizing your helpers and handling upset spirits, you will find that your quality of life improves dramatically and it can be seen in a matter of weeks if you apply yourself and learn the principles of SRT counseling.

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