Free Sessions Available for Certain Volunteers

I am looking for volunteers who believe in spiritual activity and have had one or more SRT sessions or sessions in any of the following practices, but have had no lasting benefit from them.
If you have tried any of the following practices and are still looking for lasting results, I would like to give you a chance to discover why you were unsuccessful no matter how hard you tried to get the benefits you were looking for.
Have you done any of these practices and failed to get the results you wanted?
Scientology, Ron’s Org, A Course in Miracles, Energy Healing, Angel Magic, Ayurvedic Healing, Biofeedback, Body Mind Counseling, Chakra meditation, Channeling, Crystal Work, Divination, Eckankar, Freemasonry, Healing Touch Energy Work, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotic Regression, I Ching, Kabbala, Macumba, Magick, Mediumship, Mysticism, Palmistry, Pendulums, Rosicrucianism, Shamanism, Silva Mind Control, Sorcery, Spiritualism, Tarot cards, Theosophy, Visualization, Voodoo, Wicca, Yoga,
I would like to interview you and give you one or more free sessions to identify and handle what we have found to be the major cause for failure in any spiritual practice. Your sessions will be confidential, but the underlying barriers to success will be aggregated and published in an upcoming report.
Let me know if you are interested by sending me an email at
David St Lawrence


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One Response to Free Sessions Available for Certain Volunteers

  1. David says:

    Thanks to all who volunteered. This offer is now closed.

    This particular set of sessions opened the door to identifying and handling previously undetected spiritual beings who are capable to dampening the most enthusiastic spirits.

    Every one who participated experienced unexpected positive changes in attitude and in their ability to take action without reservation.

    There will be more articles on what this means for SRT counseling as we get more results.

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