Keeping a Bad Bill Bad – hidden agendas must be kept hidden

When a bill is written in a confusing fashion, it can be the result of
incompetence or guile. If sensible amendments to clarify the intent of
the bill are defeated, it is fair warning that dirty work is afoot. As many people have noticed, the things Obama SAYS he wants to accomplish could be
handled with a much simpler bill.

For those who insist that protesters are completely nuts in claiming that the Health Care Bill is going to ration healthcare, cover illegal aliens, and choose “favored” physicians, here is a list of 31 sensible amendments that have been DEFEATED by Pelosi and company.

It appears from a cursory reading that this 1300 page bill is huge only because there is so much pork to dole out and there are so many things like rationing of services that need to be hidden away from view.

Read Keeping a Bad Bill Bad from John Boehner and draw your own conclusions.

Democratic leaders blocked 31 common-sense changes to Health Care Bill H.R.3200. What would have been the result if all these amendments had passed?

One last example from life for those of you who do not understand what is going on here:

Have you ever had to sign a contract for a car or an apartment and objected to the language or penalties in some section of the contract because it didn't apply in your case?

In many cases, the person on the other side of the table will say, "Oh, don't worry about that! That's just standard boilerplate, it doesn't apply to you.

In those cases, I whip out my pen and suggest that we cross out that section and both initial the change.

If the person objects to the removal of this section that "doesn't really apply to me", I hand the contract back and make my exit. There is a hidden agenda and my suggestion exposed it.

H.R.3200 is full of hidden agendas. The proposed and defeated amendments reveal some of them.

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  1. Gary Boyd says:

    It seems to me David, that there can be hidden agendas on both sides of the issue. Reading through the article you linked to left me with a number of concerns based on the proposed amendments…But, just the opposite of yours.

    And if I apply your “example from life” to any health insurance policy I’ve ever been party to…I would have never had health insurance in my life. So, who has the hidden agenda there?

    David says:


    You are free to accept any contract you wish. When you sign, you are saying that you are in agreement with the terms of the contract. If there are terms in a contract and the other person says “this doesn’t apply” you would be quite foolish to leave that in the contract.

    My point is that the Democrats say there will be no rationing of services and illegal alien healthcare will not be supported with taxpayer money, yet they defeat all amendments that seek to make these points clear.

    That’s what a hidden agenda is. If you are still unclear, you might want to look the term up.

  2. Zack St Lawrence says:

    It is worth noting that we spent almost a trillion dollars on the war we are in. Why do you rail against spending a simular amount on a domestic project that would save American lives?

    I hear cries of “socialized medicine’ but most people probably can not afford the doctor if they ever had a real problem. A single medical problem that sends you to the hospital for a few days will set you back for an amount equal to your house. Do you sell it? How do you meet the insurance premium?

    Recently I saw someone have to come up with ~55,000 copay for a single hospital stay. That is after insurance and they had better insurance coverage than most Americans have.

    Is this a reasonable sustainable system? How many Americans would have been able to pay that? There IS a death board and right now it is “are you a millionaire?”.

    I only hope we can aspire to something as good as Socialized medicine. And until then I hope you stay healthy. I doubt you could afford otherwise.

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