Handling Your Doubts Will Give You A New Life

Doubt is a natural phenomena and it springs from an absence of information. Doubt is easily resolved when you can ask for information to resolve and dispel your doubt. If you are afraid to ask the questions needed, you will experience fear and uncertainty that will not go away.

Brushing away your doubts is not handling them, it is a way of temporarily denying that they exist. People who cannot confront their doubts condemn themselves to uncertainty because they are afraid to ask the questions that will resolve their doubts.

“Is the boss unhappy with my work? Is my spouse seeing someone else? Why do my children not want to see me? Did I hurt their feelings? Have I insulted someone again? Am I in the wrong job? Why don’t people want my help?”

These are just a few of the questions that haunt people’s lives, and I believe that few people have the confront to ask the questions needed to dispel their doubts.

There are several reasons you may be unable to ask the questions which will resolve your doubts. The first is that you already know the answer and you are delaying the inevitable outcome as long as possible.

The second reason is that you are not self aware enough to observe that you are making the wrong choices in employment, friends, and in life partners.

The third reason encompasses all of the other reasons and is because you are not aware of the beings who influence you and control you on a continuing basis. These beings have experienced great losses and have lost their certainty a very long time ago. They are fearful and confused and they are not able to look at what is actually happening and are confusing the present situation with earlier and more hostile situations. These beings are almost always projecting an air of guilt and this will make you feel guilty at the first challenge to your certainty.

Once you learn that spiritual beings can affect you in negative ways, and learn to communicate with them, you will be able to see what you are doing which is putting you in doubt and you will be able to handle these beings who are affecting your ability to live fearlessly.

When you begin a job or a relationship, if you are free of guilt, you will ask the necessary questions to ensure that you will be able to provide what is needed for a proper exchange. If at some future time something happens which causes you to doubt the fairness of your situation, you will have no problem in asking what is going on and handling the situation appropriately.

In terms of the earlier unresolved questions, you will be asking: “Are you unhappy with my work? Are you seeing someone else? Why don’t you want to see me? How did I hurt your feelings? Have I insulted you?

You will not be asking, “Am I in the wrong job? Why don’t people want my help?” You will know beforehand and will not be in that job or relationship.

Persisting doubt is a sign of failure to take responsibility for your life. It is a form of going on hoping and does not lead to a resolution of problems.

Free yourself from doubts of all kind by looking for the sources of uncertainty. Once you do this, you will begin to live fearlessly. Spiritual Rescue Technology will help you handle your uncertainties.

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