Webinar – Handling the Barriers to Living Your Dreams – Sunday at 12 noon EST

Living your dream is like achieving an ascension state in a particular area of life. Everything seems effortless in the area of life you are focusing on.
All of the clutter and confusions seem to fall away and you get the products you intend to get with no particular effort at all. Yes, you may be working your butt off to keep up with the demands on your time but the demands are occurring as if by magic. There is no struggle to get people to want your help. The flows open up and the requests keep coming in.
I am beginning to experience this wonderful phenomenon and some of my clients are experiencing it too. I want to share what I am observing and want to get your suggestions for making it possible for you.
This will be a highly interactive webinar where you get to ask all of the questions you want. I have not had time to fully analyze what I am experiencing so your questions will help me fill in the pieces I have not worked out yet.
Join me tomorrow at noon EST using the usual zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444
The webinar fee is $10 USD and the PayPal link for this payment is: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10
Let us kick off the year in style! Start living your dreams.
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