How Valuable Is Our Culture?

Our culture defines us as a people and is one of the most valuable things a population can possess. Too often, a culture is taken for granted and no effort is made to protect it from undesired change. A culture makes a place a desirable place to live in and raise children.
We came to Floyd because of the creative and entrepreneurial culture, and the live and let live attitude that is encouraged in Floyd. That live and let live attitude should not extend to those who will abuse our culture or change our way of life instead of seeking to become part of our culture.
We as a nation are still wrestling with the idea of constructing a wall to protect our borders from those who would invade us. It is too early to say whether good sense will prevail and our customs and culture will survive, but we do have some current examples of what will happen when leaders do not value what they have in their country’s culture.
Freiburg, Germany, a sleepy college town is not doing well, according to a friend who lives in Munich. The “sunniest place” in Germany has become a place of shadows, and its progressive mindset has turned a city of free people into hunted prey.
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