Trying To Make Others happy

During recent counseling sessions, I discovered an often ignored factor that can completely transform your relationships with clients and other people you deal with.

It is so powerful that, when followed, you will get repeat business and if you try to apply it and are repulsed by the person you are trying to help, you will know that your relationship with this person is essentially doomed.

This is such a powerful concept that it should become an axiom of some sort, except that I do not know how to phrase it right now.

You may think that you are providing a service to someone or are providing a product for someone, but you will only succeed IF YOU HAVE MADE THEM HAPPY BY DOING SO.

Take a look at your business or practice and notice the times you have made someone really happy with what you have provided.

How did you feel?

How did they feel?

Did they recommend you to others?

Did they come back for more services or products?

Now take a look at the times you worked very hard to please a client or customer and it did not make them happy.

Ask the same questions and the answers will be no or negative.

I think you will find that you are actually in the business of making people happy when you interact with them, and that happiness is the only real measuring stick to apply when deciding to work with them.

In other words, if you cannot make someone happy when you are first introduced to them, you should not be doing business with them.

There is an important truth that I learned from a master salesman, “Make friends and then do business.

Applying what I have recently learned from talking to spirits, if you cannot bring a person up to happiness when you are first introduced to them, your chances of making them happy with a commercial transaction is almost nonexistent.

You will be better off sending them to a competitor than trying to please them with your work or services. This is why bringing up what you have to offer and the price for your services early is so rational.

If you cannot make friends with your prospective client or customer, they will not be happy with anything you do for them. Quite frankly, working for someone like that will cost you time and money. Think of the bosses you have worked for who were not happy with you or what you did. You probably lost valuable time working for them and they never appreciated you or paid you what you were worth. I have years of experience to support this fact. I thought, like you, that good work would pull me through. If you cannot make someone happy with what you are doing, you are up against a spiritual problem that your hard work will not solve.

People have crippled themselves for life trying to make unhappy bosses, wives and customers pleased with their efforts, when the unhappy person’s state of mind was such that the efforts were invisible to them.

If you are in doubt, just ask these questions of the person who you are failing to please.
“What will make you happy with what I am doing?
“What do you consider to be a fitting reward for doing that?”

If you cannot ask the person these questions, you already know what their answers are.

One again for those who find this hard to grasp: If you cannot make a person happy when you first meet them, you have very little chance of success doing business with them.

Making a person happy to meet you only requires caring communication. If that doesn’t work on this person, find someone else to deal with.

I will be doing a workshop and a webinar on this topic this week because I think it is so important and so hard to grasp. There will be more details later.

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