SRT Workshop Video – Who Do You Want To Be From Now On

This was one of the most productive Spiritual Rescue Technology Workshops we have had this year.

The workshop was free and the video is free also. You can even download it and listen to it several times to get all of the information packed into this one hour session.

Some of the points we covered include this one: You have chosen an identity to be during this present moment, but you are not constrained to be that identity for the rest of this lifetime.

You have played millions of roles in the past and you have learned lessons in every role that can apply to your life in the 21st century.

You have also learned painful lessons that may still haunt you and make it hard to dream up new things or even envision a happy future. What we have in our hands at this point of time is a tool that will let us unlock our past experiences and the experiences of our spiritual companions so that we can actually move in any direction we choose.

And finally, if you really want to break out of your current situation, you need to learn how to observe for yourself. When you rely on others to interpret life for you, you are putting yourself in their hands. We are barraged with media that gives us opinions, not fact. If you are constantly relying on what the talking heads are saying, you are unfortunately removed from reality.

In this workshop, we explored what it will take to turn our lives in a new direction.

You will find the workshop video at this link:

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