New HP Wireless Printer is a winner

 The HP Officejet Pro 8000 Wireless printer handles one of the biggest problems of our home office. It prints high quality images from any computer in the house or shop and was available on last week for only $127.99. This is something that almost any home office can use.

DSC00991With our multiple computers and laptops, it has always been a struggle to connect to a printer when we needed one in a hurry. With this new wireless printer we can print from anywhere in the house or workshop or even from the back deck.

This printer is fast (up to 35 pages per minute black and up to 34 pages per minute color) and the four ink cartridges give it a range of colors that our other printers could not achieve.

DSC00995 Installation was a bit unnerving at first because I am not used to peripherals that turn themselves on and perform a 20 minute setup procedure with no human intervention.

When I plugged in the power cord, the OfficeJet Pro 8000 went into a busy self-test cycle that produced lots of chirps and other noises, but no printouts at all.

I looked at the instructions but there was only a cryptic instruction to turn on the unit and wait for the alignment page to print.

After another five minutes of clicking and whirring and no printout, I was ready to turn the printer off and check for a paper jam.

At this exact moment, the printer spat out a brief instruction sheet in nine languages:

Do not turn off the printer; the printer is initializing.
During this process, you might hear some tapping sounds.
While waiting, install the printer software.

(It did not mention the whirring, machine muttering, and chirps)

I am not used to getting scolded by my printers, but I took its advice and installed the software on all computers within reach. By the time the computer software installation was complete, the printer had stopped muttering to itself and was ready for action.

We fired off print commands from one computer after another and the printer smoothly executed them at high speed. The wireless capability makes all the difference in the world. We have used printer sharing systems in the past, but the cabling makes for a time-consuming installation.

The designers at HP got this design right. For more information on this beauty, read on after the jump.

The HP Officejet Pro 8000 Wireless printer has automatic two-sided printing, a 250-sheet paper tray, and built-in wireless networking. HP claims you will get professional-quality color at up to 50% lower cost per page than laser printers.

DSC00990 The fast, built-in wireless networking and two-sided printing makes it a great printer for your business needs.

It also offers HP Smart Web Printing — software that allows you to select, store and organize content from multiple web pages and then edit and print exactly what you see onscreen. I have not checked this out yet, but it might be a time saver for some.

Summary of features:

    * Easily share this printer with built-in wireless networking.
    * Print up to 35 pages per minute black and up to 34 pages per minute color when you are in a hurry.
    * Smaller than previous HP Officejet Pro model so you can put it almost anywhere.
    * Save up to 50% per color page using HP Officejet inks.
    * Get more pages and fewer cartridge replacements with available high-capacity cartridges.

The only bad news is that the price on is now $161.97, but this is still much less than the retail price of $219.

If you have a shortage of printers in your home office, this might be a good solution for you.

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