The Daily Grind Coffee House in Rocky Mount

David and Susie Pegler run a hospitable little cafe next door to the Franklin County Courthouse in Rocky Mount, VA. It's called the Daily Grind Coffee House.

I wandered in there last Wednesday after attending the Tax Day Tea Party.  I was starving. Something about the place attracted me and I was not disappointed.

David greeted me and made me feel right at home. When I asked what he would suggest for lunch, he promptly responded, "Anything you want!"

A cheerful response like that appeals to me on many levels. I knew I had come to the right place.

I asked for a BLT in a wrap and it was in my hands in a matter of minutes. This was one of the best BLTs I have ever tasted, sweet and crunchy and all of the goodness that a BLT can provide when done to perfection.

I was on my way a few minutes later, but the hospitality and the good food made my afternoon.

I found out while writing this that there is a Daily Grind franchise organization that has been around since 1995.  That surprised me because this coffee shop had the unique feeling of a hometown coffee shop and cafe.

UPDATE: David Pegler informs me that they are an NOT part of the Daily Grind franchise. No wonder the place felt so hospitable!

Franchise operations may be efficient, but they lack the personal touch of an individual enterprise where the owner greets you like an old friend, even if you have never been in the store before.

David, I will be in to see you the next time I am in Rocky Mount.

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  1. David says:

    Gosh, how I hate to contradict such a charming article, however the Daily Grind at Rocky Mount is not part of the franchise. It would cost too much to stop the Daily Grind of Winchester franchise people from using our name so we pretend that they don’t exist. Still we encourage people to visit them and draw their own conclusions.

  2. Totally off the topic (well, not entirely), if you are over in Bedford for any reason, drop by the Artisan Café on Depot St. Lovely organic sandwiches, soups and salads…

    And it (and the adjoining space) serve as a gallery for local artists.

    I had a terrific chicken salad sandwich there the day I left Floyd, and walked out with a painting under my arm.

  3. Jody D. Brown says:

    May I quote from your blog? I am writing an ad for the Daily Grind Coffee House that will appear in the Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre season brochure. Of course, I will cite your blog. You have captured the friendliness of this business and I would like to use your words.

    Jody D. Brown
    Executive Director

    David responds: Feel free to cite my blog on any topic. Thanks for the acknowledgment.

    I try to capture how a business provides a memorable customer experience. Those that do so deserve recognition.

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