We are besieged by scary reports demanding our attention and if we do not learn to address them properly, we can be overwhelmed like sheep in a thunderstorm.

The real facts of the COVID-19 epidemic we are experiencing are unclear and so is the magnitude of the damage. People are getting sick and some are dying and some are recovering, but the numbers in each category are hard to ascertain.

Our leaders are divided in which remedy to follow and we see excesses of control and lack of control on all sides. Some are assigning blame to those who anticipated the epidemic and others blame those who seek to control it.

We do see that the mainstream media seems to be reporting news in the most opinionated way possible because it is almost impossible to find a positive report of any kind to give balance to the bad news. For example, I saw a recent headline screaming that NYC was burying bodies in mass graves on Hart Island complete with pictures of coffins stacked 4 deep in rows in the pit. The implication was that the graveyards were full and every COVID-19 victim was being buried in a mass grave.

This is horrifying unless you know pauper’s burials have been going on for years when people die without money or relatives to claim them. The “normal rate” of pauper’s burials in mass graves is 25 bodies a week. During this COVID-19 epidemic, the rate is much higher.

So, if you can’t ignore the scary news, take the time to see if it is true or not. Your best course of action is to protect yourself from infection and to communicate with your spiritual companions to keep yourself centered and sane.

Worrying about things you cannot change will cause you to lose control and will also affect your health. Here are some things you can control and guarantee that you will stay as healthy and sane as possible.

  1. Practice social isolation until the epidemic is over. (shelter in place)
  2. Wear masks and gloves and other protective gear when you go out to shop for food and necessities.
  3. Do not go in office buildings or any buildings where a lot of people gather.
  4. Stay a safe distance from everyone you see outside your home.
  5. Do not read or watch pandemic news for entertainment
  6. Pay attention to your life force levels and make sure you are eating and sleeping properly
  7. Try to stay centered and make sure you do not get overwhelmed by the events in your life.
  8. Find a way to help others without exposing yourself to infection

I will be holding a free workshop Saturday 4-11-2020 at 12 noon to explore the actions which will help us thrive during this time as well as stay healthy and sane. Use this link and password: please use this password: 756674


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