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Our Ship of State Is Foundering

The Ship of State is a famous and oft-cited metaphor put forth by Plato in Book VI of the Republic. It likens the governance of a city-state to the command of a naval vessel and ultimately argues that the only … Continue reading

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History of the Amiga Startup Years – Before Commodore

This video captures what it was like to be in a startup company in the 1980s. This is a low res copy, but it tells the story of one of the most amazing computer startups of that time. I was … Continue reading

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Free Workshop on Changing Your Personality to Handle Emergencies

As you may have noticed, life is becoming chaotic in many places around the globe. You might even say that order is breaking down in ways we have not seen since early in the last century. Regardless of your race, … Continue reading

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We are besieged by scary reports demanding our attention and if we do not learn to address them properly, we can be overwhelmed like sheep in a thunderstorm. The real facts of the COVID-19 epidemic we are experiencing are unclear … Continue reading

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