Stormy Sunday report from Floyd

Large flakes of Global Warming continue to fall and the trees on our south side look like a caricature forest. March 2009 is off to a good start.

The snow is four inches deep in our locality and more is scheduled to fall and that is enough to make traveling extremely risky. It is quiet outside with only the whisper of falling snow, but tonight's dinner with friends has been postponed for more favorable weather.

I am puttering around trying to get my desk organized and Gretchen is watching Steven King's Storm of the Century while knitting socks for a good friend.

The Steven King movie is a perfect complement to this kind of weather and I catch enough snatches of it to give me chills. Just one glimpse of the movie and I am tempted to put additional wood in the stove. This movie shows King's uncanny skill at portraying people being helpless against evil.

Here in our corner of Floyd County, our house and workshop are snug and warm with enough firewood and food to carry us through until warmer weather. We are safe inside and one of us is happily oblivious to all that is going on outside.


Perhaps we should all chill out for awhile. On the other hand, I have chores to be done and articles to write, so I must tear myself away and get back to business.

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