Invitation to a Special Free Workshop Series on SRT Remote Perception

Learn a new skill and help us develop a new SRT process!

We will be holding a series of workshops to develop a reliable technique for gathering data from remote locations by communicating with the spirits occupying that location. We are calling this activity SRT Remote Perception, and it is an augmented form of SRT Reach and Withdraw processing. It will produce results similar to those obtained from older forms of Controlled Remote Viewing with less work.

We start by putting our attention on a remote area and looking for life force energy emanating from that area. Once we contact the beings responsible for the area, we will attempt to gather data from them about the area and its occupants, and their intentions, attentions, distribution of life forces, and emotional tone levels.

The purpose of the workshop is to work out the optimum way to contact the beings in different areas and how to collect information that will help us develop a remote perception capability in the SRT group.

We hope to select areas that will not contain hostile forces as we would like to be able to map out locations where we can fill in the gaps in our knowledge of history. We will start by refining our approach to choosing remote locations, and then we will run at least one remote perception activity in each workshop.

You should be able to communicate with spirits in order to fully participate in these workshops. Otherwise, you will be an observer until you learn to perceive spirit communication. The remote perception workshop is an interactive process in which a few people take the lead in connecting to the spirits in an area, and other participants discuss their observations and pose questions for the spirits as the workshop progresses. All participants are able to get their questions answered as the workshop is intended to be a teaching exercise as well as an information-gathering exercise.

It will help you participate if you familiarize yourself with this article on Augmented SRT Reach and Withdraw.

If you are interested in joining this Remote Perception team and developing processes for communicating with spirits in remote locations, please send me an email or a text message.

I am planning to schedule these workshops at 12 noon on Sundays for the next few weeks. The workshops will be free, and you can join them on Zoom using this link: 

Gaining the ability to connect with spirits in remote locations and finding out what is happening in those locations can be highly useful. It opens up a lot of possibilities.

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