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More Discoveries About Life Force 8-7-22

I mentioned recently that it appeared I could only perceive life forces in people I could see or life forces within my body. I am happy to say that it is possible to perceive the life force of people you … Continue reading

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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

In spiritual counseling, we build our careers on the shoulder of the explorers who have gone before. I owe a lot to the efforts of other Scientologists who shared their knowledge with me. I was thinking of them when I … Continue reading

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Unlock Your Ability To Perceive Intentions

Almost all of you have the ability to sense intentions from people you interact with. Do you realize that you can also pick up intentions that others have placed in objects and locations? These intentions appear to be spiritual echoes, … Continue reading

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Invitation to a Special Free Workshop Series on SRT Remote Perception

Learn a new skill and help us develop a new SRT process! We will be holding a series of workshops to develop a reliable technique for gathering data from remote locations by communicating with the spirits occupying that location. We … Continue reading

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