Happy New Year from Me and Paul McCartney

I have long admired Paul for his talent and willingness to try new things. We are both trying new hairstyles for 2021. Since he is 7 years younger than me, he has more hair to work with, but I am doing the best I can with the hair I have left on my chin.
Paul is styling a man-bun-ponytail, and I am letting a beard grow. We are doing our part to save the environment from excess hair clippings.
I feel optimistic about our prospects for 2021. It will be a challenge, of course, but what new year has not been a surprise. I just hope we don’t encounter another flaming bag of dog poop on the front step like this last year. The good thing about adversity is that it presents unusual opportunities for learning how to cope, and if you are able to keep calm, you end up with valuable experience.
Gretchen and I have spent 2020 in our new Cary location, and we look forward to a mask-free 2021 if all goes well. Please stay in touch. If we can’t visit in person, we encourage you to visit us on Zoom, which works on computers and smartphones.
I am still delivering online personal and business counseling sessions and am now running remote perception workshops on the weekends where we visit different sites around the world and see what is happening there.
I am very interested in how you are doing and what you see occurring in this brand new year of 2021.
David St Lawrence
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