SRT Workshop Notes 1-3-21 Visiting The Sphinx

This workshop was another effort to get the participants to operate beyond the five human senses and gather as much information as possible about what is happening in the vicinity of the Sphinx. We were using the SRT Reach and Withdraw Process to observe what was there and to compare our observations.

The purpose is to exercise our telepathic ability and all the other abilities that are not quite named, like looking at the past or future, reading intentions, and picking up any other mental image pictures that are related to the site.

We reach out to perceive whatever thoughts and images are coming from this location and we stop the reach when we feel like we’ve gotten all we can get or we’ve realized something or had a thought about the process. Then we wait for the others to complete their reaching, and we compare notes on what we discovered.

The participants included Nolan Cage, David St Lawrence, Stefano Visconti, Joachim Held, and John Jasiewicz.

For a complete description of what we experienced, visit this link:

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