Assuming A New Identity To Change Your Life For The Better – Part One

Your identity can mean many things. One of the common definitions is who a person is, or the qualities of a person or group that make them different from others. The assumption of an identity gets to be a bit complicated because your identity comes down to what people think of you. That means that your identity is determined to a great extent by what people agree you are. That means that your family and your home town and your school mates have a great deal to do with your identity, until you take steps to change your identity.

If you do not take charge of determining your identity, you can get stuck with the identity that others have assigned to you. Your personality affects your identity, but your personality is determined by the interaction of you and your spiritual companions and the way you react to the external world. Your identity is a negotiated situation because it is the way the world sees you. You can change your personality by handling your reactions to external events and to the spirits who accompany you through life. As you change your personality, you gain the ability to change your identity because you will change the way that others see you.

The important thing to remember is that you can change your personality through spiritual counseling. This allows you to change the effect that your spiritual companions have on you and this is manifested by your changed reactions to the threats and challenges of the world you live in. Simply put, you can change from being the adverse effect of challenges and threats from others to becoming cause over these others and impervious to whatever they are trying to do.

For example, the person whom other regards as a fearful wimp is usually carrying memories of punishments and threats from earlier lifetimes. When these persistent memories are erased, the person becomes far more aggressive and changes his relationships with the others in his life. These memories of punishments and painful deaths are carried not only by you, the being running the body, but by many of your spiritual companions as well. They have all died painful deaths which is evidenced by the fact that they are not able to pick up their own bodies, but have decided to tag along with you.

Let’s get back to matter of your identity. Your identity is what others think of you. You have a different identity as far as your children are concerned, if you have children, than from from your wife. To your wife, you have a certain identity, to your business partners and friends and career, other people climbing the ladder of success, you have another identity. If you grew up in a small town and still live there, people still may still think of you as little Tommy Smith even though you are middle-aged.

You have to behave in a totally different manner and have great certainty to establish whatever new identity you wish to maintain. This requires that every painful memory has to be addressed and totally handled in order to maintain your new identity without effort. In order to be real, you have to have all the behavioral characteristics of that new identity.

It appears to me that I have been promoting the ability to change your lives for the better, when what most people seem to want is to control their identity. When we grasp what identity people are looking for, we can give them that identity if they want. They have to identify the identity they wish to assume and the personality that supports that identity and all we need to do is to remove the counter intention to assuming that personality and that identity.

The counter-intention to becoming successful and assuming a new identity comes from the painful memories of overwhelm and defeat we have experienced, mostly in past lives. Some of the memories are ours, but many memories are being carried by the spirits who surround us and are being shared with us every day.

In Part Two, we will discuss how to handle the counter-intention to assuming a new identity and a new personality to go with it. Some of this may require counseling, but the beauty of Spiritual Rescue Technology is that you can do much of it yourself in solo sessions.

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