You Can Get Spiritual Rescue Technology Counseling Anonymously!

I have been delivering Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling for at least a decade, and a number of my clients have received counseling under assumed names. This is absolutely fine with me, as most of my counseling is directed to the spirits who accompany you with the purpose of setting them free or persuading them to cooperate with you in your current endeavors.

Setting beings free and giving you lasting relief does not require that I know your name. Tony Ortega recently contacted me about a former client who was happy with the sessions I delivered over the internet. I was pleased to hear the client was satisfied, but I did not recognize the name he used. If you are worried that the Church of Scientology will find out you are getting SRT counseling, please feel free to use any name you wish. 

I have found that most of the difficulties my clients are having come from spirits who are unhappy with what the client does for a living. They are like passengers on a bus who complain about the scenery and the route being taken. They are still stuck in past events and do not realize they are immortal beings who are part of your collection of spiritual companions.

It is a hoot to wake them up and help them discover they still have free will and can leave to pursue careers that they are more suited for. For example, the spirits who joined you before this lifetime may have zero interest in your real estate career and keep on distracting you while you are trying to close deals. Bored spirits can be a big problem when you are trying to succeed in business, and they want to see action of a kinkier nature.

If you ever find yourself doing things that are completely out of character, it is most likely that you have spirits who are frustrated that they are not doing what they want to do. The Scientology OT levels do not deal with these problems as they are essentially mini-exorcisms. You spot a spirit using the e-meter and get it to leave. In Spiritual Rescue Technology, I talk to the spirit and either get it to leave or persuade it to help you in your current career. 

You can get all the counseling you need to handle these beings using any name you wish. When your misbehaving spirits leave, you will experience great relief because you will be back in charge of your life again. As I said earlier, you are welcome to be a client under any name you choose!

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David St Lawrence

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